Museum concept with VR experience

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation





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Erris van Ginkel
Jurjen Hamwijk
André Postma
Pieter Straatman
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De geleidehondenbeleving _ virtual reality simulator

The core of communication in the museum is ‘warmth and science’. The warmth of the relationship of (blind or partially sighted) humans and dogs in combination with the science of breeding and training various breeds of guide and assistance dogs. But also linking clients to dogs: these are all top performances. Two communicative directions emerged from this trajectory:

• The experience of what it means to walk with a guide dog
• Communication about the working method, know-how and history of the organization

The experience is impressive for the sighted person: what does it mean to walk through Amsterdam as a blind person with a guide dog? It is an ‘eye-opener’ and an absolute ‘must’ for anyone who has to deal with the blind in his/her position. The museum is furnished with films and artifacts that provide insight into the work, about the clients, the organization and its methods and provides a glimpse into history.